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This 5 week program will show you exactly how much and what food to eat each day to drive the results you want!  There are two options to choose from , fatloss and performance.  You will receive a personalised recommendation of your macros but the best part... there is NO need to track calories or macros in app, all the hard work is already done for you!  All you need is to weigh your food at each meal as per your personal portions template.  EASY!

The program focuses on consuming mainly wholefoods for the 5 weeks (following the guide for at least 90% of the time) which will help you create long term healthy habits.  Dont' worry, I will help you navigate outings and help you incorporate anything that you feel you are not ready to let go of just yet!  The program works for you and your busy schedule, as all portions will be divided by the amount of meals you personaly consume each day.

If you are ready to put in the work for 35 days you will see results.


  • personalised macros for your goal (fat loss or performance)

  • exact portion sizes per meal of each macro 

  • protein, carbs and fats food list for an easy reference guide to choose food to build your own meals

  • weekly recipe ideas / inspo with macro and portion information so it' easy to meal prep and seperate into your own personalised portions.

  • online weekly check in for 5 weeks (you can contact me anytime with questions)

  • how to guide for your reference

  • review / next steps at the end of the 5 weeks

  • 1x inbody scan (next available of your choice)

  • You can start anytime!


If you are ready to get started the investment is $279 and all you have to do is answer a few questions below so I can get started on your personalised plan.  

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Admission fee for this course is $10